Quick china armada. US Navy deploys small armada headed by USS Stennis to South China Sea — RT USA News

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China says new missile a blow to US 'strategic superiority'

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That particular incursion involved six J-10s, four J-16s, two Su-30 multirole fighters, two Y-8 anti-submarine patrollers, and a Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft. As well as the sheer number of PLA aircraft involved today, the route they took also appears to be...

America’s New QUICKSINK Bomb Targets China’s Vast Low

El portaaviones Type 003, bautizado como Fujian, partió de un dique seco en un astillero a las afueras de Shanghái por la mañana y se amarró en un muelle cercano, reportaron medios estatales. La televisora estatal CCTV mostró a efectivos de la Armada quick china armada junto a la enorme embarcación mientras chorros de agua rociaban su cubierta y se lanzaban cintas y humo de colores. Equipado con la última tecnología de armamento y lanzamiento de aviones, se cree que las capacidades del buque rivalizarán con las de los portaaviones...

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Sometime in 1413, sailors from Malindi arrived at the court of King of Bengal, India, with a host of tributes. Among them was a giraffe. At that same time, an accomplished Chinese admiral heading an expansive armada also arrived and sent emissaries to the Bengal court. The Chinese sailors witnessed the gifts the powerful Sultan of Malindi had sent, and became fascinated by it. Noticing their intrigue, the wily King of Bengal re-gifted the Chinese with the animal the Malindians had brought, and with it started a legend. Eager to...

China bota su primer portaaviones de última generación

Slideshow 2 images The yards absorbed foreign technology, imported some key components and developed local know-how. Quality ruled over quantity. Then they started mass production. New hulls cascaded into the water, mainly from the big shipyards at Shanghai, Dalian, Guangzhou and Wuhan. These yards have been building the full spectrum of warships and support vessels, according to Pentagon estimates, analysis from private Western defense information providers and reports in the official Chinese military media. In 2014, China began building, launched or commissioned more than 60 warships or craft, according to...

Chinese Aerial Armada With Bombers, Fighters, And More Filled Airspace Near Taiwan

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China is building an armada

According to US military officials, aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers and a Japan-based US Seventh Fleet flagship have sailed into the contested waters of the South China Sea, to counter the presence of China. The small armada traversed the area in late February, the same time when Japan's Murasame-class destroyer JDS Samidare visited it. On February 4, the group crossed the International Date Line into the US Seventh Fleet's area of operations, a few weeks after its deployment from Washington in mid-January. The Washington Post reports...

The Giraffes Malindi Gave to China in 1414

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China despliega el tercer portaaviones de su Armada

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