Taksim dorock xl venue. Dorock XL Venue, Taksim'de kapılarını açtı

|2|3| 01.06.2022

DOROCK XL (Istanbul)

Batushka Concert Setlist at Dorock XL Venue, Taksim on April 17, 2022

Istanbul has a very colorful nightlife. Especially Taksim and Kadikoy districts are home to the best bars and pubs in Istanbul. In the past, Beyoglu aka Taksim was unrivaled in nightlife, but in recent years, Kadikoy has caught up with...

Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut Concert Setlist at Dorock XL Venue, Taksim on April 20, 2022

The place is good if you go there after 23:00. It is highly crowded. It is difficult to finde free-entrance places in Kadiköy. The place is too big and smoking is allowed. This is the worst thing. The music is fine. I think there is always either live concert or live dj performance. But since the entrance is free it is ok. I ordered Americano I had to drive at that night and they serviced me Turkish coffee: That was really strange. Anyway it is good place and in Kadiköy...


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