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A Comprehensive Guide to Hacettepe University

The Medical School on Main Campus Hacettepe University is a Turkish government university based in Ankara. In 2018 it was ranked among the 10 best universities in Turkey, as it hacettepe oid sixth at the level of Turkish universities, and...

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions 1. What are the admission procedures for international students? What are the terms and conditions? When can the international students apply? All necessary information can be found on our website. Students who meet the requirements may apply to Hacettepe University. Placement results are announced over the Internet. The admission period usually begins mid-May. The application and admission deadlines are announced on the university website. What is the language of instruction at Hacettepe University? A list of departments offering education in languages other than Turkish can be found...

Hacettepe University Office for International Students

At Hacettepe University, a unique hacettepe oid approach, specialized in different scientific disciplines, is applied. This approach has its roots in scientific approach, critical thinking, and learning by doing. Professionals who are leaders in the fields of Medicine-Health Sciences, Science-Engineering Sciences, Social-Humanities who discover, question, analyze, understand and solve humanity's problems are educated at Hacettepe. The common denominator of all our programs is to graduate individuals who care for ethical values, people and the environment at the highest level, use information and technology well, are self-confident and able to express...

Hacettepe Üniversitesi

Announcement about 2022 Graduation Ceremony 24. We congratulate you all in advance! Those who do not fill out the form by this date will not be able to attend the ceremony. The exam schedule is available at 20. Derslik 1 The make-up exams due to Covid of Final or Bütünleme for FİZ137 course will be held on February 10, 2022, between 15:00 and 17:00, in the D9 classroom of the Department of Physics Engineering. Başvurusu kabul edilen adayların mülakat sınavına erişim için bağlantı bilgisi, başvuruda bildirdikleri e-posta adreslerine gönderilecektir. Lütfen...

Hacettepe University Industrial Engineering

GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING PROGRAMME D. General Information about Program In 1968, undergraduate education was started as a five-year program, it extended to a six-year program in 1969. The six-year program was continued until the department connected to Faculty of Engineering according to new regulations in universities in 1973. During this period, diplomas were given with Master of Science and Geological Engineering Mining titles. In 1997, four-year undergraduate education program was started. At the start, because of the educational applications for mineral research and evaluation, the Mining and Hydrogeology words in diplomas...

Hacettepe University

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